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What is the difference between "Price" and "Unique Price"?

Non-unique price:

When purchasing our templates at a non-unique price, we give you the right to use, modify and resale the ready made website based on the template in any way you would like it to. Though, this is so for one purchase only. However, you are not allowed to reuse, amend or resale the template, put it up for sale or set up for a variety of purposes.

Unique price:

If you really want to own the full rights on the template, we offer you a "Unique Price" purchase with which you will gain the full rights to the particular template and this is granted for any use to your desire. At that point, the template is erased from our database and you become the sole owner.

In other words, you get the license to use the template, although the rights to use the design and the idea with all of the derivatives is considered the private property of our company.