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Can I buy a template and put it on any number of web sites?

This depends on type of license that you have purchased. A regular license allows only one publication. If you need to use the template on other websites then you will have to purchase that template for each website project separately.

If you buy a unique license you can use the template for an unlimited number of projects with no additional licensing fees.

About using a template on several sub domains:

Let's say you have a domain as www.mywebsite.com with three sub domains:

- toys.mywebsite.com
- shoes.mywebsite.com
- books.mywebsite.com

If you purchase a website template for www.mywebsite.com you won't need to purchase 3 templates more for your sub domains. This is under our “ Terms of Use”. So if you have one web site with several sub domains you can use one template for that.

But in case if you have 2 or more different domains e.g. www.mywebsite.com and www.mynewwebsite.com then you will need to purchase 2 licenses for the same template.
In other words, you will need to purchase this template twice.

Please, use the following dictionary for the reference:

DOMAIN NAME - a name that is entered into a computer (e.g. as part of a Web site or other URL, or an e-mail address) then looked up in the global Domain Name System (DNS) which informs the computer of the IP address (es) assigned to that name.

WEBSITE - a website or Web site is a collection of web pages typically common to a particular domain name or the sub domain on the World Wide Web in the Internet.