SWiSH Animated Template

A SWiSH Animated Template is usually a 2-page web template that comes with a SWISH animated header. This makes an attractive multimedia combination of live action with an interesting sound accompaniment. SWiSH Animated Templates can be edited with a SWiSH Editor. To make changes to SWiSH Templates You need an .SWI file which is provided with any of our SWiSH Templates. Besides the .SWI file you will get the .SWF, the .PSD and the .HTML files to make your work with our SWiSH Templates extremely easy.

View SWiSH Animated Template Live Demo: Swish Version, Non-Swish Version

SWiSH Animated Template Structure

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This free SWiSH Animated Template will help you evaluate the quality of our products and to test your skills before purchasing. Feel free to view and download it for free in support for your education and use but please, note that there are certain conditions associated with using this SWiSH Animated Template.

SWISH Animated Template