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Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries

Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries are dynamic flash sites with a gallery page. For editing this gallery page there is an /admin panel based on FLEX, this part is compiled as an ordinary swf file. All the text you can edit from the external .txt file like in all dynamic flash sites. The gallery can be edited either through a text file or through the /admin panel (in case your hosting supports php).

A distinctive feature of the gallery is the following: it is possible to change the appearance of the gallery by selecting from the four available. It can be easily set from the /admin panel. There are also plenty of other useful settings such as width of small and big photos, management of comments to the pictures etc…  

Download Free Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery

This free Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery will help you evaluate the quality of our products and test your skills before you purchase the item. Please, feel free to view and download it for free at the point of your education but please, note that there are specific conditions associated with using this Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery.

Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery