CRE Loaded Template

A CRE Loaded Template is actually a theme for the CRE Loaded software. CRE Loaded is an open source; OsCommerce based shopping system with CRM and affiliate management built in. Download this system from CRE Loaded Website free of charge (for the very sufficient 6.2 Standard Package) and you will have a working, compatible system for your CRE Loaded Template. Our templates are compatible with " CRE Loaded 6.2 Standard" only. CRE Loaded templates WILL NOT work if you don't take the Free CRE Loaded system installed and configured on your web site.

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CRE Loaded Template Structure

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This free CRE Loaded Template will help you evaluate the quality of our products and test your skills before the purchase. Feel free to view and download it free of charge for your education and use but please note the conditions associated with using of this CRE Loaded Template.

CRE Loaded Template