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Changing text in Adobe Photoshop

Most part of content text is represented in HTML as plain text to simplify its modification and allow search engines to scan your information. It will increase your page rank and number of your web site visitors. But to make people to stay on your web site or return there later your pages have to contain not only useful content but perfect external view. That's why some portion of text represented as images in HTML document and editable in PSD file using Adobe Photoshop software. Below will be described ways of editing such text.

Actually you can add text using any graphical editor you want. As we are providing all image blocks with hidden text. But this way of web design template modification is not recommended because you are not being able to create same font style and effect. 

When your PSD source file already opened in Adobe Photoshop, press "T" key to use type tool. Click with type tool cursor the text you want to edit. If "The following fonts are missing..." message will appear it means that you have not installed all fonts needed to modify text. For instructions of how to install they read Font Installation section. If appearing message says "Editing or rendering the text layer..." never mind it, everything will be editable without any problems.

If your text field should contain several rows, you can start typing from the new line by pressing "Shift + Enter".

You can quit editing mode by pressing "Ctrl + Enter". If you want to discard all editing changes press "ESC" key to quit editing and undone all changes.

If you want to change some of text attributes such as font family, style or color do the following. Select text which properties you want to modify. Then go to the options panel at the top of the screen. If you can't see it for any reason, show that panel by selecting "Window/Options" from top menu.


Options Panel


At the options panel you can see four drop down menus, text align icons and color bar. First drop down menu allows you to change font family, but we recommending you not to change it. Our professional web designers already selected best looking font for this web design template.

Second drop down box contain font styles. Bold, Italic and Regular styles available there. Next drop down represents font size. Use bigger font sizes for your company name and slogans and smaller fonts for buttons text and section headers. Last drop down changes text rendering style. Use this option to make your text look softer and more professional. To change text color click color bar at options or tools panel to call color picker window. More advanced options can be specified in type panel. To launch it you should press "Ctrl + T" while editing.


Type Panel


After you have done all text modifications you should update those changes to your web design template.