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Fireworks MX and Photoshop compatibility

Q: Can I use Fireworks MX to work with the .PSD files?

A: Fireworks provides excellent support for importing native Photoshop (PSD) files. Fireworks has options for retaining many aspects of the imported files, including layers, masks, and editable text. As a result, you can bring Photoshop images into Fireworks for further editing and web optimization without losing the ability to export the images back into Photoshop.

But, remember, Adobe and Macromedia use different approaches in making software of this kind, each with its own various additional features and effects. Because of this incompatibilities happen, you have to cope with these differences. Note: Most of the plug-in that work with Photoshop are not compatible with Fireworks. So, to avoid unexpected problems, we recommend that you use Photoshop as the native program for editing .PSD files, and use Fireworks as a good alternative. 

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