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Setting links in HTML editor

A hyper reference is the main advantage of HTML documents. So, it's very important to know how to add links in your web design template. This procedure is very simple if you're using HTML editor. If you're using Macromedia Dreamweaver select text or image that you want to be linked to some URL. Then go to Properties panel (press "CTRL+F3" if you can't see it for any reasons). In this panel you will see Link input box. Fill it with appropriate URL.


Link Input Box


For Microsoft FrontPage user link adding procedure is the following. Right click on selected text or image and select "Hyperlink..." from context menu. Fill Address input box with appropriate URL.


Address Input Box


If you have some skills in HTML coding you can put hyper link directly into HTML code. You have to put opening reference tag before the content you want to be linked and closing tag after that:


<a href="your_url_here">Content goes here</a>