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How to use the "Includes" option in Dreamweaver

Q: How to use the "Includes" option in Dreamweaver?

A: The Includes are like the library items. The advantage is that when you make a change to an "include" you don't have to update all the pages that access it. The changes will automatically be reflected in them. Therefore, you do not have to upload all the pages that use the “includes” every time you make a change, only the include itself.
  • To create an include:
    • Copy the part of the page that you would like to make into the "include".
    • Create a new HTML page "File > New"
    • Go into the HTML code and delete all the default code that Dreamweaver puts in.
    • Paste the code that you had copied previously make sure all links are relative to the site root. Finally save this file in an "Includes" folder.
  • To insert an include into a page:
    • Rename the file extension to ".SHTML"
    • Click where you would like to insert the include and "Insert > Server Side Include" (or "Insert > HTML > Script Objects > Server Side Include").