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How do I link to an Adobe PDF document

Q: How do I link a button to an Adobe PDF document?

A: To display or link to PDF documents is as simple as linking to any other file. Simply highlight the text or image that you want to be the link and in the Properties Inspector enter the hyperlink (URL) of the PDF file (like "www.yoursitename.com/mydoc/doc1.pdf"). The Acrobat program will automatically launch and display the file. You can also specify the Target so that the PDF document opens in the same window (_self) or a separate window (_blank) just as you do with any other HTML page. If you prefer to have the PDF file saved to the viewers hard drive rather than opening up in the Browser, then you'll need to Zip it (using WinZip) or Stuffit (using Stuffit). These are compression programs that "package" the file.