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Changing text font and color in HTML editor

To increase impression of your future web site based on our web design templates maybe you will need to change text color or font style. There are some ways of doing that. If you want to change part of text or some words do the following. Select text, witch properties you want to modify. If you are Microsoft FrontPage user you can see high amount of tools at the top toolbox. There you can change text color, font and its size, make text bold or italic and so on.

FrontPage Toolbar

If you are working with Macromedia Dreamweaver, you can check and change text properties at the properties panel. If you can't see it for some reason, select "Window/Properties" from top menu to call this properties panel.

Dreamweaver Properties Panel

It's easy when you are to changing properties of small parts of text. But if you will decide to change colour of text on whole page, for example if you have changed colour scheme of your web design template and text must conform new web site colour, you should use CSS for it.

You can use CSS (Cascade Style Sheets) to change text attributes of whole page or specified tag. Using of style sheet technologies is recommended by W3C standard for future compatibility with new versions of different browsers. There are two ways of doing that - you can use built-in style sheet editor or put style directly to HTML code.

If you are using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 6 then you have to press "Ctrl + Shift + E" to launch CSS editor or choose "Text/CSS styles/Manage Styles" from the top menu if you are using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004. You will see list of styles used in this web design template. Double click style that you want to edit. Then just change font options in pop-up window.

If you are Microsoft FrontPage user then you should choose "Format/Style" from the top menu.

Double click style you want to change. Select font button at the bottom of appearing dialog. Now you can modify all possible text properties. 

If you have some HTML skills you can put style directly into code tag. For example if you want to change link colour to red you should put following code into reference tag:

<a href="url"> style="color:FF0000">Reference text</a>.

If you want to change table cell text size to 11px you should add following code in td tag:

<td style="font-size:14px">Cell content</td>