What is CSS? Editing CSS

Editing CSS

These instructions are relevant to Macromedia Dreamweaver, although other softwares would likely have similar instructions.

When you edit a CSS style sheet that controls the text in your document, you instantly reformat all of the text controlled by that CSS style sheet. Your edits affect all the documents linked to the style sheet.

To edit an external CSS style sheet:

    • Open any document that is linked to the external CSS style sheet that you want to change.
    • Do one of the following: Choose "Window > CSS Styles", or click "CSS styles" in the Launcher. In the CSS Styles panel, right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Macintosh) and choose the Edit Style Sheet from the pull-down menu. Choose "Text > CSS Styles > Edit Style Sheet".
    • In the Edit Style Sheet dialog box, select the name of the external style sheet and click edit. A second Edit Style Sheet dialog box displays the styles in the external style sheet. Select the style you want to edit.
    • Edit the style however you wish.
    • Click Save when you have finished editing styles.