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Taking screenshots in Mac OS X

There are many ways to take a screenshot in Mac OS X. You have the following built in options:

By pressing Command (aka Apple) + SHIFT + 3" you can take a picture of everything on your screen.

Command + SHIFT + 4" - brings up crosshairs as the mouse pointer. With this you can click and drag over what is on the screen that you want to take as a picture. Release the mouse button and the picture is taken. For extra fun: Press space bar while you have the crosshairs and you will be able to select windows, icons, desktops, menus, menu bars, docks, etc.

The pictures will be sent to your desktop as "Picture 1.pdf", "Picture 2.pdf", etc. etc... Then you can use Photoshop, Graphic Converter, etc. to convert it to other formats besides PDF (PNG or JPEG are best for uploading to DSLR).

There are some other applications such as SnapNDrag, which is a freeware, and Snapz Pro, which is sold. They have better features - higher quality shots, the ability to record movies, the ability to change formats in which the pictures are saved, and of course you can add the drop shadow.

Note: With 10.4 (Tiger) Apple has changed the default format produced by Command-SHIFT-3/4 from PDF to PNG.