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Removing watermarks from logo templates

To remove watermarks you don't need to alter the jpg or gif files. You only need to update the text in the PSD file. With your PSD source file already opened in Adobe Photoshop, press the "T" key to use the type tool. Click with the type tool cursor the text that you want to edit. If you see the message saying "Editing or rendering the text layer" don't pay attention to it, everything will be editable without any problems.

If your text field should contain several rows, you can start typing from the new line by pressing "SHIFT + ENTER".

You can quit the editing mode by pressing "CTRL + ENTER". If you want to discard all the editing changes press the "ESC" key to stop editing and undo all the changes.

If you want to change some of the text attributes, such as font family, style or color, do the following: select the text that you want to modify, then go to the options panel at the top of the screen (if you can't see it for any reason, open that panel by selecting Window/Options from top menu). At the options panel you can see four drop down menus, text align icons, and the color bar. The first drop down menu allows you to change the font family, but we recommend that you do not change it. Our expert web designers have already selected the best looking font for the overall look. The second drop down box contains font styles. Bold, Italic and Regular styles are available there. The next drop down represents font size. The last drop down changes the text rendering style. Use this option to make your text look softer and more professional. To change text color click the color bar at options or the tools panel to call the color picker window. 

More advanced options can also be selected in the type panel. To launch, you should press "CTRL + T" while in editing.

After you have done all the text modifications you should save your logo as a GIF, TIFF or JPG file with the help of the "File > Save as..." command.