Installing Fonts

Please, check the folder "Fonts" within the template. You need to carefully install all the fonts that came with the template.

  • Installing OpenType, TrueType, and PostScript Type (only for Win 2000/XP) Fonts in Windows:

    • choose "Start > Settings > Control Panel" (Note: In Windows XP, choose "Start > Control Panel")
    • double-click on the "Fonts" folder
    • choose "File > Install New Font"
    • locate the fonts that you want to install
    • in the Drives list, select the drive and the folder containing the fonts you want to install
    • in the Folders list, select a folder that contains the fonts that you want to install (Make sure you have unzipped them first)
    • the fonts in the folder appear under List of Fonts
    • select the fonts to install. To select more than ­one font, hold down the "CTRL" key and click each font
    • click "OK" to install the fonts.
  • Installing PostScript Type (PFB\PFM fonts) in Windows NT/Me/98/2000/XP:

    • If you are running Windows Me/98/95, or Windows NT/2000/XP, you must use ATM (Adobe Type Manager)
      to install PostScript fonts. You can download Adobe's free of charge the ATM Light for Windows from: Adobe's Website.
    • open Adobe Type Manager select the Fonts you want to install (to select all the fonts - press "CTRL+A", to select certain fonts - hold down the "CTRL" key and click each font)
    • press Add to install the fonts.

Installing OpenType, TrueType Fonts in Windows Vista:

The procedure is pretty much the same as you have under Windows XP, but in Windows Vista, you can do it different ways, and they are a lot easier.

The most trouble-free way is to select and right click the Font(s) you would like to install and select “Install” from the context menu that appears. Your font(s) will be installed if it is the correct version for Windows Vista. It will confirm your acceptance by asking you via the user account control pop -up window. So, simply click “Continue” and you are done.

The other way is to open the Control panel, switch it to the Classic view by clicking the “Classic View” button on the left top corner of the Control Panel Window. Then, open “Fonts” folder and right click on an empty space within its right pan where the fonts are listed. Install New Fonts… the context menu will appear. Click on it and afterward browse to “Fonts” folder for the fonts you want to install and click “Install” button after selecting from the available fonts’ list. Now, you are done!

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