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Flash Intro Template Structure

You have received your Flash Intro Template .ZIP package and unpacked it. Let's see what you have inside.

        "screenshots" - contains screenshots of the template.

        "site" - contains a published .SWF flash intro movie and index.html file

        "sources" - contains source files
            - "clipart_library" - contains free clipart .PSD files - all the elements are arranged in several files.
            - "flash" - contains .FLA source files.
            - "fonts" - contains all the fonts used in .FLA file - True Type (.TTF), Adobe fonts (PFB\PFM), or both.

sources folder may include "psd" sub-folder as well, it contains Adobe Photoshop .PSD file for background.

Note: For security reasons the sources folder is in a zipped file and is password protected. To uncompress a password protected ZIP file you will need to have a zip file utility program installed and the correct password. As soon as the zip file begins to uncompress, you will be prompted to type in the password. The password is the ID number of your order. You can find this number on the order page which is provided to you through a link that we sent to you via email.

Please, help us to preserve the quality and uniqueness of our products by not uploading the sources folder either zipped or unzipped to the server.

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