Unzipping Template Package

Our templates are delivered in .ZIP files. A .ZIP file is a single compressed file that contains the complete set of program files. Compressed files are valuable in the electronic world because they significantly cut your download time, and they make it possible to download just one file rather than the full set of files (which can often be dozens of individual files).

To decompress (unzip) a “.ZIP” file, you need a copy of an unzipping utility. We recommend WinZip. It is a shareware program, which needs to be registered (paid for) if you plan to continue using it. It is also distributed in a “.ZIP” format, but it is a “self-extracting” variety – simply download it to you temporary directory, and “RUN” it to extract the program files.

When unzipping a package using WinZip, make sure that the Use Folder Names (marked on screenshot) checkbox is marked to prevent the loss of a folder from your web design template package.

We recommend using Staffit Expander for decompressing ".zip" files on MAC.

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