What is a Zip File?

Have you ever pondered, "What is a ZIP File? "

There are so many different types of “files” in computer terminology that it can get really confusing. A .ZIP file is simply a file filled with information, data or documents that have been under the compression process as to minimize the size of the files thus making them quicker to download, easier to archive, and more likely to be received via the electronic mail. This is because the compressed format takes less storage space and uses fewer system resources.

The ZIP file format was actually developed by Phil Katz and released as PKZIP; however, there are other software utilities available today in order to open, modify or create .ZIP files. WinZip is one of the most popular. WinZip International LLC is a business that provides the famous WinZip software products. From time to time they update their programs and release a new version with improved features. The newest version is designed for Windows XP but works with older versions of Windows as well.

From the WinZip website a user can check for updates online, review the program information page, access support and tools, order the program, or click on a link that enables downloads of the free trial version of the program. It is easy to create a .ZIP file and there is no need to know anything about HTML code. There are no interface concerns. Basically, you just open the program and follow the instructions which map the steps for you to follow and create a .ZIP file. You name the file and choose where you want it to be stored in your system, and then browse to find and select the files or documents you want to include in the .ZIP file. The .ZIP file is automatically created and stored in the directory you specify and contains the files you chose to be included in the .ZIP file.