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How to install a contribution

Ok, if you want to install a contribution for your OsCommerce shop you should follow the steps below:

1. Please, goto http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions and download a contribution you need

2. Save and unzip a file

3. Each contribution has a detailed instruction on how to install it and implement into your OsCommerce shop, so you should check all the readme files within the package or on a website before editing.

4. E.g. if you download a contribution for " InfoBoxes " then you should copy a .php file with this box to /includes/boxes folder

5. It depends on a contribution but most likely you will need to turn this new infobox in column_left.php or column_right.php files.

6. Now you can update the files on your server and check all the modifications.

Please note:
1. We are not responsible for any contribtion you will use. All of them are installed at you own risk.
2. Some contributions may not work with your template right away as they will have to be altered to fit the major template design.

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