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How to Turn off Reviews and Tell A Friend

Product Information Pages

To enable / disable different options at the per-product-type level:

1. Open your administration panel like this: www.yourdomain.com/admin where yourdomain.com refers directly to the address of your site.
2. Go to Catalog button on the top menu and choose Product Types from the drop down menu.

3. Choose Products General (or the product type you are modifying).
4. Click Edit Layout and turn on/off any settings you do not want to display.

The configurations for "Tell-A-Friend" and "Reviews" on this screen are related to the corresponding buttons that appear on the product-information page (the configurations are set per product).


To turn on/off the "Reviews" and/or "Tell-A-Friend" sideboxes:

1. Open your administration panel.
2. Go to the Tools tab on the top menu and choose Layout Boxes Controller from the drop down menu
3. You may turn different boxes on/off by changing a particular entry and saving the changes.