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If stylesheet is not loading

Q: My stylesheet is not loading or my page loads with no styling or effect from CSS stylesheet. Please, help.

A: If your have discovered that the stylesheet is not loading properly (E.g a page displays no coloring or expected layout, etc.), then your "/includes/.htaccess" file is most likely doesn't allow to load the "stylesheet.css" on providing security protection for your shop.

To check this, you can either check your server's error log for confirmation, or simply use your FTP program to temporarily rename it for testing.
(E.g. rename "/includes/.htaccess" file to "/incluides/.htaccess_OFF" ). If your stylesheet loads properly (the layout or coloring appears to be more like you expected) then you will have to modify the settings in this .htaccess file to provide the compatibility with your webhost.

Most likely it may happen if you install ZenCart to your web host for the first time and have never installed it before. More frequently it may happen if you use Windows/IIS server.