Changing Images

During the customization of your SWiSH animated website template you may need to substitute some of the images with your own. For example, to change the company logo or substitute default image with a photo of your products. This process is done easily with the help of SWiSHMax.

First of all, you'll need to locate and select an appropriate image item. You can find the image object through the Outline or Timeline panel. Or you can select it by single clicking on an image with the Select tool on the Layout panel.

Once you've selected the image object, the Object panel should be opened. You can open this panel by selecting the "Panels/Object" from the top menu. The name of the Object panel depends on the currently selected object type. In the case of an image the object panel name will be a Shape.

Let's look at the Shape object panel. You can see the small thumbnail of the image with its properties under the Clipped image and the Properties buttons. You can click the properties button to see detailed info about the selected image object.

Three buttons at the right of the image thumbnail will help you customize the images in your SWiSH animated template.

The top button is the "Select New Image" button. Click it to substitute the currently selected image with your own. Just click it and browse to the location of your own image file. Once you've added your new image to the template you may need to update it.  This is also very easy to do. Edit this image using any computer graphics editor or substitute it with the new one. Then click the middle button "Reload image from disk" and the selected image object will be updated from the disk. Note that the image file should be located in the same place where you've loaded it from the first time. If no file is there, you'll get the "Unable to read the file" message after pressing the refresh image button.

You can click the bottom down arrow button to swap the current image with any image from the content library. All the images used in the template are located there. You can add the new image to the content library by clicking the "Import" button in the Content panel.


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