Gallery Settings

All necessary settings can be adjusted with the help of the following two files:
- server settings can be modified at the end of the file tfile_main.html
- and appearance settings are modified in tfile_gallery.php.

Note! On some hostings at turning to file tfile_gallery.php, an error 500 (internal server error) can pop up, to avoid it one should rename the file tfile_gallery.php to  tfile_gallery.html and change the following lines in the \admin\libs\amfphp\services\Gallery.php file:

&file_option=php& with  &file_option=html&

and also change the line:

var $galleryDataFilePath = '../../../../tfile_gallery.php'; with var $galleryDataFilePath = '../../../../tfile_gallery.html';

You can eliminate the error not by editing the php file but the html file. But at the same time at gallery editing (if proxy server is switched on your browser settings) will lead to a temporary cashing of information. I.e. while editing the gallery all changes will be correctly reflected in the /admin part but for some time will be inaccessible for the current user (the one who edited /admin part) because of the information cashing in his browser. In a while all changes will be visible in the gallery.

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