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How to add special characters

Dynamic Flash Templates are able to load symbols with diacritical marks from the external file. But some adjustments should be done.

When you're editing the external content HTML file you should save it in Unicode format. For example, you're using default windows notepad editor: edit the text first, and then choose "Save as" from the File menu. Change the encoding option to "UTF-8" and click "Save".

Saving tfile_main.html file in UTF-8 format

Then all dynamic text items should be updated. Find out the movie clip where all content items are located. Select the dynamic text item by single clicking it. Press the CTRL+F3 hotkey to open the Properties panel. Click the "Characters…" button (for Macromedia Flash MX and MX 2004) or "Embed..." (For Macromedia Flash 8) at the right of the Properties panel to change the characters set. Select an appropriate characters set (hold the CTRL key for multiple selection. Repeat this procedure for all dynamic text fields that will contain symbols with diacritical marks.

Choosing character sets you want to embed in Flash 8

Then press the SHIFT + F12 button to publish your movie.

If you want to use the "&", "%" or "+" symbols in your Dynamic Flash Template - use the following HEX codes:

"&" - %26
"%" - %25
"+" - %2B

You can use Unicode Character Search at http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/search.htm

E.g. for a Trade Mark Sign you will get http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/2122/index.htm and should look for UTF-8 (hex) --> e284a2, so a code you should put in your tfile_main.html file for will be the following: %e2%84%a2

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