The engine structure

CRE Loaded is the integration of the standard OsCommerce and BTS (Better Template System) and its add-ons. CRE is created in such a way that while requesting for a page the engine redirects you to the template registered as default, in case there is no page the standard one is used instead.

The CRE Loaded templates always consist of the following elements:

        - the header;
        - the left column;
        - the central column (the content);
        - the right column;
        - the footer.

The templates’ columns are divided into the main and the secondary ones. The main column covers the product listing. From the main column, there should be two more, the secondary one to the left and the one to the right. The secondary columns contain the so-called "information boxes". Both the left and the right columns enclose the "infoboxes"

The header

The header consists of the logo and the name of the store, the main menu that holds five aspects as follows:

        - home page;
        - new products;
        - specials (including the rebate);
        - my account (the clients page);
        - contact us;

The left and right columns

The left and right columns contain both the infoboxes and the banners. The Banner introduces the graphic collage with a text of an advert nature. Please, see the “Infobox” and the “Banner” sample below.

Please, see the content description here.