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How to upload files to a server

This section contains instructions for uploading your pages to a web server. After this you will be able to review your site online in the browser. We leave it up to you as to what sort of hosting company and domain name to choose, because it depends on the specifics of your business. In following these instructions we have supposed that you have a login/password combination available from your hosting provider.

Open the browser and type " ftp://domain_name" in the address line. Where domain_name is the domain name of your future website.

In Internet Explorer, choose "File > Enter" to display authentication dialog. Enter your login and password and click "OK". Now you are logged to the FTP server of your web hosting.

Copy your web pages and folders to your site root directory as you would to any other folder on your computer. All html files should be placed in the root folder of your web hosting. All images should be located in "/images" folder, SWF movie files in "/flash" folder. In another words you should keep the folder structure just as it was originally given to you in the "/site_flash" (or "/site") folder of your web design template.

Now you can view your new website online.

Many HTML editors have the ability to upload files from within the software. Or you may opt to use an FTP utility such as WS_FTP. Follow the FTP instructions in your HTML editor or FTP software for specific steps.

Note: Image and applet files need to be uploaded in binary mode. CSS and HTML files are uploaded in ANSCII mode. If you are using an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage, the HTML editor automatically detects the upload mode.