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Trouble with downloading free clipart library items

Q: I'm having trouble getting into the download area of the free clipart library.. I get the following message:
You can't download this item using this order ID.
To get an access to the library you need to purchase a template from our company.
You will be able to gain access to the library with a new order ID.

(Order ID - the unique code that is supplied with the e-mail notification of template purchase)

My recent purchase information is..

Your e-mail address you've used for purchasing.
Your template(s) item number: ex. # 11689
Your transaction ID: ------20 symbols-------
Merchant System Order: ex. # 123456789

A: Make sure you copy and paste your 20 symbol transaction ID (this is the Order ID) without spaces. Otherwise feel free to contact our friendly support team via:

Live Chat: www.template-help.com/chat
HelpDesk: www.template-help.com/tickets
Phone: 1-518-312-4147, 1-518-320-8715